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'New Amsterdam' Season 2: Georgia Likely Lives But Will Max Heal From Cancer? Business Times The NBC medical drama will be back on the network's Tuesday night schedule this fall. WARNING:


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for New Amsterdam season 2 that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

Not everyone will make it back in New Amsterdam season 2 after that tragic finale.  Executive producers David Schulner and Peter Horton confirmed that some characters would be cut from the show but it won't be Georgia (played by Lisa O'Hare), and it will not be Max (played by Ryan Eggold).

Speaking with TV Line, the producers of the show said that they have no plans of making Max a single father. The idea that Georgia might be dead in New Amsterdam season 2 doesn't look appealing, so it's fair to say that Max will not lose his wife next season. 

The finale episode of New Amsterdam season 1 saw Georgia bleeding from her delicate pregnancy. Worse, the ambulance that rushed her to the hospital crashed and toppled over everyone on board, including Georgia. 

However, the producers also teased that Georgia's chance of survival is "as good as everyone else" after they've confirmed that someone did die in that accident. The actors still do not know who among them will not be asked back on New Amsterdam season 2 since the scripts have not yet been completed. 

New Amsterdam season 2 could start filming by late July or early August to prepare for its fall broadcast. Incidentally, the show will be back on its Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. schedule, as per TV Guide. NBC will likely confirm the premiere date by the time the production has started. 

Meanwhile, the producers also hinted that Max's cancer could be taking a backseat for the early episodes of New Amsterdam season 2. This isn't to say, however, that he will be on remission.

"Once he's sent home from the hospital, there's not much of a story to tell there about his cancer," Horton said. "He's really having to do what he needs to do to try and even get enough strength to survive."

New Amsterdam follows the doctors working at a fictional public New York City hospital.  Max, the new medical director, introduced in the pilot episode, found out that he has a fatal condition. 

However, Max didn't let his cancer slow him down, even when getting cancer treatments. Instead, he pursued radical changes in the workplace that helped the hospital improve how they treat their patients. 

On a personal level, Max and his pregnant wife are dealing with relationship issues and the complications of her pregnancy. Max is also quite a stubborn and headstrong cancer patient who has frequent disagreements with Dr. Sharpe (played by Freema Agyeman) in New Amsterdam

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