Google maps catches man in embarrassing situation in Amsterdam with street view cameras News

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Google maps leaves man red-faced after he is caught out in Amsterdam doing THIS Express GOOGLE MAPS has left one man wishing he hadnt been photographed by the street view cameras while he was out and

Google Maps is notorious for catching people getting up to things they shouldn’t be, and a sunny day in Amsterdam left one man red-faced by street view. The man, wearing jeans and black top, can be seen sitting on the side of a moped which is leaning up against a brick wall. His face is blurred, but it is still clear the man is on his mobile phone as his arm is raised to his face. But whoever is on the other end of the phone was not getting his full attention, as the man has been photographed by Google Maps concentrating on something else entirely.

Despite his face being blurred by Google, it is still plain to see the man cannot take his eyes off something - or someone - in the distance.

A young woman in pink skinny jeans and a white tank top is walking in the direction of the man, about two metres away.

Her face is turned to the side, so she is not looking at him - but he cannot help but look at her.

The exact moment he eyes up the woman has been caught by the street view cameras - so if she hadn’t already realised, the woman must know by now that she had an admirer.

The image was captured right in the heart of Amsterdam back in 2014.

This is far from the only time an intimate moment has been captured by the Google Maps cameras.

A woman was seen in a position she’d likely rather not be seen in by the public.

It appears to show her in the middle of a rather private activity - only she can easily be viewed.

The Google car looks to have been passing by when it snapped the woman. The Street View photo shows her squatting by a dusty track.

It looks as though she could be relieving herself.

A dark car can be seen a little way off. It’s possible the car is hers and she has hopped out to answer the call of nature.

Although there is no way of knowing this for sure, her decision appears to be bizarre either way.

The car is next to a small coppice of green trees which look to offer much more privacy than the spot the woman has chosen.

Why did she not decide to opt for more shade away from prying eyes?

As it is, the dusty path she is of looks to be in full view of the road the Google car is on.

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