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September marks the transition to fall, bringing with it falling leaves, cooler temperatures and kids reluctantly returning to school. It also brings the IBC conference... The post Join Us at IBC in A

September marks the transition to fall, bringing with it falling leaves, cooler temperatures and kids reluctantly returning to school. It also brings the IBC conference and a trip to Amsterdam. Billed as “the world’s most influential media entertainment and technology show”, this six-day event brings together over 57,000 attendees, 400 plus speakers and more than 1,700 exhibitors. It should come as no surprise that you’ll find RCS there.

Stop by Hall 8, stand 8.016, meet the RCS staff and say hello. We’re anxious to show you all the things you can do with our software. Whether it’s automation, scheduling, sales or news, we’ve got so many ways to make you more productive, and make your job easier.
Are your format changes being hampered by your automation system? Then perhaps you’ve outgrown it. With Zetta’s modular design, combined with an ability to scale, integrate and create, perfect workflow, the possibilities are endless.

In radio, 24/7/365 uptime is not an option, it’s an expectation, and Zetta always has a backup. Each of its many functions has a launcher app, which will restart a service if it stops unexpectedly. In other words, the sequencer is separate from the audio playout, and separate from the user interface as well.

Murphy’s Law visits us all occasionally, and the most carefully crafted automation schedules may need to be revised on the fly. Good thing you have Zetta2GO. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can take control your Zetta Automation/Playout system from any place there’s an Internet connection. Then rejoin that staff meeting or finish your lunch.

Every music format has the same basic core library. So how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? The answer has a lot to do with the how that music is scheduled. If you can schedule smarter, if you can schedule better, then you’ve got an edge.

GSelector enables you to do just that. Once you’ve created a station, designed your clocks and coded all the songs, GSelector can create a schedule based on each song’s natural demand. It will analyze the library to determine the demand for certain attributes, for example, how many fast and slow songs by both core artists and fringe artists. Then, it can automatically spread out plays by fringe artists. You can come back and tweak the process by loading the results of the latest research. Then sit back and listen to the sound of your station improve in minutes.

Mobility matters to you, and it matters to us. With Selector2GO, you can log in from your mobile device anywhere, anytime, to perform tasks such as creating or editing schedules, working on the song library, or doing an analysis of the schedule.
In sales, a lot of moving parts need to work together harmoniously: accounts receivable, budgeting and forecasting, enterprise reporting, sales management and report writing. Aquira is like CRM for sales. It integrates all these components of radio sales into one package.

Writing reports can be part of the drudgery of sales, but Aquira makes it easier. Not only can you use Report Writer to create reports in a traditional, grid, pivot grid or chart format, you can also export your reports directly into a client’s database.

Aquira is a team player. It can send traffic logs to any of our playout systems or our music scheduler; GSelector. When an overnight as-run log is produced from the studio, Aquira will automatically ingest this data for full-loop reconciliation.

No matter where you go, Aquira may be only a key stroke away. Aquira2GO connects to the station through your mobile device, enabling you to build a sales proposal via real time access to your station’s inventory, then presents it to the client.

RCS News is the one solution for every news operation. Whether it’s small market radio or a network that serves newscasts simultaneously to affiliates, RCS News helps you to stay organized and handles all the tedious tasks so you have more time to be better at your job.

News reporters can receive and revise wire copy from a variety of sources, digitally record and edit in the RCS multi-track editor, playback audio, write newscasts and present them live on-air. Newscasts also may be timed based on each reporter’s reading speed.
RCS News is multi-lingual. You can switch from English to any other language on the fly. It supports multiple-language data capture. And, you can use RCS News to run multiple languages from one newsroom simultaneously.

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