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Saba is featured in the Forbes magazine, described by contributor and travel writer Joni Sweet as an island paradise that is the Caribbeans best-kept secret. Sweets recent visit to Saba, facilitated b

Saba is featured in the Forbes magazine, described by contributor and travel writer Joni Sweet as an “island paradise that is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.” Sweet’s recent visit to Saba, facilitated by the Saba Tourist Office, has resulted in a highly positive article that has had already more than 42,000 views online.

View from the Sandy Cruz trail

The feature article, which was posted on the lifestyle section of the famous United States business magazine on May 24, starts with the dilemma of the visitor who has fallen in love with Saba whether to keep this paradise a secret or not.

In the article, Sweet writes about the landing at the Juancho Yrausquin Airport, “arguably the most famous feature of Saba: it’s runway,” which at less than 1,300 feet is the world’s shortest commercial runway.

“No chain hotels or tourist traps. Just craggy untamed hills, fairy-tale inspired cottages and vibrant views that seem to get prettier each time you look,” Sweet says about Saba. She describes her visit and “what will make you fall in love with this enchanting Caribbean paradise.” The article features several photos and a short You Tube video of the landing and take-off.

The article mentions sleeping in a 150-year-old cottage offered by Juliana’s Hotel, “experiencing the power of feminism through Saba Lace,” including a bit of history on this famous handicraft by Saba women, hiking through tide pools and a cloud forest, dining at the high-quality restaurants on Saba, and diving on the pristine Saba Bank.

If you’re ready for a different kind of Caribbean vacation, plan a trip to Saba. No other island in the region rivals the exquisite natural beauty, quirky history and refreshing small-town feel of Saba. Just think twice before letting the secret out on this special place,” Sweet concludes her article.

The Saba Tourist Office regularly invites and hosts travel writers from abroad as part of the strategy to promote the island. This has already resulted in several positive articles in renown international media and magazines.

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